The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a massive impact on all UCC Clubs, Inline Hockey included. Below we wish to outline some of our new safety measures to continue training without spreading the virus, and to also outline some of the major ways the club has been affected.

Safety Measures:

  • You will be assigned suitable gear on your first day of training with us, and only you will use this gear for the year. This limits the spread of the virus that would have occurred had we continued to share gear.
  • Gear will be disinfected at the start and at the end of every training session.
  • Hand sanitizer will be in place at the front entrance for use on the way in and out.
  • The changing rooms will remain closed and you are expected to arrive to and leave from training wearing the clothing you wish to train in.
  • Drills will be carried out with social distancing in mind wherever possible.
  • Members must book in advance in order for us to maintain a safe capacity at each training session.
  • Members must register their attendance at each training session for contact tracing purposes in the event of an outbreak.

Impacts as of 27/09/2020:

We have recently received the information that our usual location for training will not be permitting any external users onto the premises for the foreseeable future due to COVID-19. This means we currently do not have a place to train. The committee is working to find a new temporary location to use until we are allowed to return to our usual location. For this reason there will be no training until we find a suitable location. We will update this page again as soon as we have more information regarding this, and what we plan to do. If you have any questions relating to COVID-19, training or any other aspects of Inline Hockey don’t hesitate to send us an email at and check out our social media for updates. Social Media Pages

Health and Safety:

To see our full health and safety statement please click the following:

2020-2021 Health and Safety Document